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O Titanic no MSFS

The RMS Titanic is already upgraded to MSFS, in a package of ships that include her brothers RMS Olympic and HMHS Brittanic, as well as a Cunard Line ocean liner RMS Carpathia, which played a key role in rescuing the victims of the sinking of the Titanic, and a Tug Boat from the same time, 1910, the Hercules, which sailed off the west coast of the USA.

The boats have a detailed interior, helm animation system, rudder, engine telegraph, night lighting, smoke from chimneys among other things, and the RMS Brittanic version was recently updated to include launching a lifeboat using the same controls needed to enable or disable flaps. This reflects the idea that ship controls need to be simple and intuitive to facilitate player contact even if they are not familiar with ships in real life.

The RMS Olympic was operated by the White Star Line and was the first vessel in the Olympic class of ocean liners, followed by the RMS Titanic and the HMHS Britannic. Construction began in December 1908, being launched on 20 October 1910 and making her maiden voyage on 14 June 1911 from Southampton to New York.

Unlike her brothers Titanic, which sank on her first voyage, and Britannic, requisitioned by the Royal Navy to serve as a hospital ship in World War I before entering commercial service and lost in the conflict, the Olympic had a long and distinguished career. , from 1911 to 1935, earning him the nickname "Old Reliable".

The RMS Carpathia was a British passenger liner operated by Cunard Line and built by Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson, UK shipyards. Its construction began in September 1901, being launched in August 1902 and making its maiden voyage in May 1903. The Carpathia was designed to transport immigrants from Eastern Europe and people of the middle class, offering greater comfort than other ships. of the time. A first class was eventually added in 1905, but the third still held most of the seats.

After nine years of service without any major incidents, the Carpathia picked up the distress call from the RMS Titanic in the early hours of April 15, 1912 as she made her routine crossing from New York to Fiume in Austria-Hungary. Captain Arthur Rostron changed the course of his ship to go to the rescue of the Titanic, prepared his entire crew and managed to make the vessel break its own speed record. The Carpathia rescued the few more than seven hundred survivors at dawn, returning to New York on April 18. The press at the time and several passengers on the Titanic considered Rostron and his crew to be heroes.

Hercules was built in 1907 by John H. Dialogue and Sons of Camden, New Jersey. She was built for the San Francisco Shipowners and Merchants Tug Company, as part of their Red Stack Fleet (a part of today's Crowley Maritime Corporation). Upon completion, Hercules was sailed to San Francisco via the Strait of Magellan with her sister ship, Goliah, in tow.

In the early part of his life, Hercules was an ocean tug. Because of the prevailing northwesterly winds, sailing ships often employed Hercules and her sisters on voyages north along the San Francisco coast. For example, in 1916, Hercules towed CA Thayer to Port Townsend, Washington. On voyages back along the coast, Hercules would often tow wooden rafts from the Pacific Northwest to factories in Southern California. On other occasions, Hercules was employed towing barges to other West Coast ports and to Hawaii, and in transporting equipment for the construction of the Panama Canal.

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