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Titanic on MSFS gets update and new video

This video is the result of a very important work for me. I composed the soundtrack on piano, I make a 3D models and recorded every scene, programmed every function and animation, optimized every texture in Photoshop to make this dream come true.

The current version of the White Star Line Pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 now includes a new promotional video to announce the new features that were included in the v1.2 update. It is now possible to make mooring ropes and tug boats appear on the ships RMS Olympic and RMS Titanic, making the simulation more interesting and with new possibilities.

For now, the big sandbox that MSFS represents for the expansion of player-controlled vehicles still faces limitations, such as the docking is not functional, it's just graphical, and the physics of contact with water is still an issue.

But this is being worked on as new features are added to SimUpdates and I believe that soon something more realistic will be possible within the game.

You can purchase your ship package here:

Check it out the video:

Happy sailings!

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