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Mega Yacht Poseidon

The Poseidon is an ultra-luxury, motor-powered megayacht. The ship is one of the largest private vessels in the world and can sail throughout the globe with ease while maintaining optimum living standards aboard. The craft is a monument to state-of-the-art engineering and modern design. It exudes a sleek visual appeal when viewed from any angle, whether at anchor in a harbor or under way mid-ocean, and provides the operator the highest level of control and confidence. The Poseidon comprises four decks, measures 400 feet in length, and has a beam of 68 feet. It boasts a draft of just 14 feet, 1 inch that allows it passage into and out of shallow waterways despite its large overall dimensions. The Poseidon is driven by a power matrix that is composed of General Electric LM2500 engines. These drive a series of thrusters for propulsion up to speeds of 27 knots (31 miles per hour) as well as allowing precision maneuvering in close confines.\n\nThe Poseidon affords the operator easy control of the entire megayacht from its bridge. This includes full authority over its advanced lighting system, both internal and external illumination. The Poseidon is the pinnacle in distinction, power, and precision on the water. It offers the ultimate yachting experience, whether in one of the world’s ports or while exploring the Seven Seas. You can find the Mega Yacht Poseidon available for download on the Official Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace. Get yours now!

Microsoft Flight Simulator - 26_10_2022 06_28_00.png
Microsoft Flight Simulator - 26_10_2022 23_10_54.png

Just as important to say about the quality of the product is to previously inform of its limitations.

There is a speed limit for rocking waves in watercraft on MSFS. This causes seaplanes, boats or ships that exceed the 14 knot limit to stop bouncing in the waves and follow a straight trajectory in relation to the water.

This SDK issue limiting water vehicle wave swing speed has already been reported to Asobo and we are awaiting this removal to make boats faster.

For this reason, the Mega Yacht Poseidon does not exceed this speed. The product is advertised with a maximum speed of 27 knots, but for the time being, to maintain realism in navigation, it will not reach that speed. I will be watching closely for updates to the SDK and when this limit is removed the ship will reach this speed with the sway of the waves. We will be in expectation!


There were several reports from users of unusual situations, but with a similar report: it was impossible to control the boat / the boat stalls in a certain direction - this is not a problem linked to the Add-On itself, but a missing setting in the game standard for more experienced simulations. Piloting assistants disable some features that break the mobility of boats in the water and cause situations where users cannot navigate - and unfortunately they end up, without knowing the reason, blaming the Add-On for this. These images show a recommended configuration for navigating with a keyboard, joystick or other external control hardware, bearing in mind that some of these hardware (especially those with a landing gear lever) may present unusual or unexpected situations due to the nature of the hardware - already that it was designed for runways and airplanes. Any questions, unusual or unexpected situations you face, please contact me via email for assistance.

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