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AHTS Havyard 842

The Havyard 842 is an anchor handling tug supply (AHTS) surface vessel produced by Havyard Group of Norway. Built at the Cemre Shipyard in Turkey in 2009, the ship’s home port is Stavanger, Norway and it performs a number of North Sea oil production roles.

The Havyard 842 has an overall length of 244 feet, a beam of 56 feet, a maximum draught of 22 feet, 4 inches, and it displaces 2807 metric tons. It has accommodation for up to 30 personnel. It is powered by two Mak 12M32C 12-cylinder diesel engines that each produce up to 7,830 horsepower and drive controllable-pitch propellers. It has one forward thruster, one aft thruster, and one azimuth thruster. Each thruster is 1,184 horsepower, and precision control is via joystick. The ship has a maximum speed of 20 knots (23 miles per hour).



Turn the ship on and off via the multifunction monitor on the bridge (pilot view)

Mooring anchors and ropes only work with the engine off, so be sure to turn off the engines before attempting an activation, and disable the mooring ropes and anchor before turning the engines back on, to prevent errors or malfunctions.

Use the designated flap control button to toggle the crane position.

Use the payload menu to toggle between certain payload types on the ramp.

Crew members can be removed individually through the payload menu.


There were several reports from users of unusual situations, but with a similar report: it was impossible to control the boat / the boat stalls in a certain direction - this is not a problem linked to the Add-On itself, but a missing setting in the game standard for more experienced simulations. Piloting assistants disable some features that break the mobility of boats in the water and cause situations where users cannot navigate - and unfortunately they end up, without knowing the reason, blaming the Add-On for this. These images show a recommended configuration for navigating with a keyboard, joystick or other external control hardware, bearing in mind that some of these hardware (especially those with a landing gear lever) may present unusual or unexpected situations due to the nature of the hardware - already that it was designed for runways and airplanes. Any questions, unusual or unexpected situations you face, please contact me via email for assistance.

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