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Cruiser Class Sailboat

Nostalgia is a 44-foot Cruiser Class sailboat with modern technology and an impeccable finish, with 4k textures and PBR material. The boat has a living room, two bedrooms, a suite with flat screen TV, kitchen and living room below the waterline accessible by the player. The boat is very comfortable and has several features, as in addition to being able to access the interior below the waterline, you can, with the engine off, make leisure buoys visible and even kayak, in calm waters. The sail is always furled and you can alternate the movement of the mast to the left and right, and this influences the inclination of the boat in relation to the water. There is also a height-adjustable boarding ramp that can be activated via the Marine RM Functions Tablet. On this tablet it is also possible to activate anchors, mooring ropes, lights and other features. The boat has its own start and stop system, navigation lights, water tracks and its movement in the sea is smooth through the waves, with movement. You will have at your disposal 7 incredible liveries to sail around the world in luxury and comfort. The engine is a Nanni N4 diesel with 85hp and a 2:1 mechanical gearbox. Download the manual with documentation for tips on using the leisure buoys and mooring system and access the FAQ.

Available soon
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