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Catering Truck

The Catering Truck is an integral part of commercial passenger flight operations at all large airports throughout the world. This specialized vehicle transports recently prepared meals from a kitchen facility that is located either at an airport or near an airport to an airliner just prior to its departure. The Catering Truck consists of a truck cab, frame rails, a containment box for meals, and a scissor lift that can raise and lower the containment box from the truck’s frame rails. Food is loaded at the kitchen facility into the containment box in its lowered position and the vehicle is then driven to the side of the aircraft. The scissor lift then raises the box to the height of the access door of the aircraft and the containment box is then positioned for offloading of meals. The transported food is then stowed in the galley section of the airliner. The Catering Truck is based off a commercial 4-wheel truck with 2-wheel drive (4X2). It is powered by a 6-cylinder, 6.9-liter, diesel engine that delivers up to 250 horsepower and is mated to an automatic transmission.

The Catering Truck is available exclusively on the official Marketplace for the Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox and Desktops. Get yours now!



There were several reports from users of unusual situations, but with a similar report: it was impossible to control the boat / the boat stalls in a certain direction - this is not a problem linked to the Add-On itself, but a missing setting in the game standard for more experienced simulations. Piloting assistants disable some features that break the mobility of boats in the water and cause situations where users cannot navigate - and unfortunately they end up, without knowing the reason, blaming the Add-On for this. These images show a recommended configuration for navigating with a keyboard, joystick or other external control hardware, bearing in mind that some of these hardware (especially those with a landing gear lever) may present unusual or unexpected situations due to the nature of the hardware - already that it was designed for runways and airplanes. Any questions, unusual or unexpected situations you face, please contact me via email for assistance.

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